Park Hill Preparatory School is committed to equal treatment for all regardless of sex, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, race, ethnic origin, marital status, pregnancy or maternity. We aim to create a friendly, caring and perceptive environment in which every individual is valued. We endeavor to contribute positively towards the growing autonomy, self-esteem and safety of each pupil.

Please find below a list of our school policies which are available to parents of current and prospective pupils.

  • Each policy can be made available as a hard copy on request
  • A copy of each policy is available for inspection from the school office during a working day
  • Each policy can be made available in large print or other accessible format if

The following documents are in PDF format.

2018 19 Special Needs

2018 19 Visitor Code Of Conduct

2019 20 Privacy Notice Parents And Pupils

2018 19 First Aid Policy

2018 19 EAL Policy

2018 19 Admissions Policy

2019 20 Parental Complaints Park Hill

2018 19 Non Collection Of Children Policy

2018 19 Fire Safety 2018 19 Anti Bullying

2018 19 Behaviour And Discipline

2018 19 Curriculum Policy

2019 20 Safeguarding Policy Park Hill V2

2018 19 First Aid Policy