Outdoor Learning – Forest School & Adventure School

Outdoor and Adventure School (OAS)

With such an abundance of open spaces available to us, whether it is the school grounds, Richmond park, or further beyond in to the Surrey Hills, and The Downs, we shall be introducing a unique subject to the curriculum. With an emphasis on developing self esteem, collaboration, and communication skills, the children will follow a carefully planned curriculum developing their practical outdoor and adventurous skills in a variety of environments. For example:

  • Navigation skills (Compass, Map Reading, GPS, and Celestial Navigation)
  • First Aid training (Wilderness and Domestic)
  • Shelter building and Equipment (Bivi, Tarp, Canvas, appropriate clothing and footwear, and maintenance of equipment)
  • Nutrition (Flora and Fauna, Calorie Intake, Camping Stoves, Food preparation, and Cooking)
  • Team Building (Communication, Leadership, Collaboration, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking)
  • Adventure Touring (Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Kayaking)
  • Adventure Planning (Using skills developed from the above topics)

Micro Adventures

In a controlled and age appropriate environment, children will then develop the above skills in a series of Micro Adventures. This will include planning day trips in variety of environments, overnight trips, and extended trips as the children gain confidence.

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