1:1 iPad Learning

We set out on a vision to create a rich environment of opportunities that all children could access – making learning personal to each individual.

Our mission was clear before technology was considered – that our pupils should be at the centre of everything we do.

The vision of the school centred around this idea grew to incorporate iPad as the primary device to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and to enable learners to generate ideas and to think critically. With continuous professional development and a culture of sharing, iPad captured the imagination of our teachers, students, governors, colleagues and parents and further demonstrated the potential of technology in Park Hill School. As this matured, it reinforced our resolute belief that iPad provides that personal learning experience that the pupils deserved.

Our vision was born:

To create a personal and rich learning environment where the considered use of technology fosters creative thinking.

Children from Reception through to Year 6 enjoy a 1:1 iPad provision which enhances and enables exceptional opportunities to enhance their learning and fosters critical thinking and learning.

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