Second Steps

"Our son goes to Park Hill School & Nursery and has enjoyed the full weight of enthusiasm and creativity of the teachers, staff and principal! Erin H, 2019 "

Children join our Second Steps classroom from the September after they turn 3 years. It is located in the main building of our school. Their classroom has direct access to a large open learning space. The Second Steps team consist of Miss Edina Vari and Mrs Christine Burn. Our Second Steps are highly qualified, both teachers hold QTS status.

The children develop their knowledge, skills and understanding by accessing the many activities set up in their learning environment. Their extra curricular activities include weekly Music, PE, Performing Arts, French and Woodland School. The children take part in our very popular Woodland School program, using both our extensive gardens and nearby Richmond Park as a base for outdoor learning. Woodland School occurs once a week in Richmond Park.

Woodland School

Every Thursday afternoon our little adventurers enjoy a terrific Woodland School session in Richmond Park. They take part a vast array of exciting activities in the large open outdoor space. This session gives our children the opportunity to grow in confidence, enthusiasm and creativity.


Miss Menon uses a variety of musical instruments during her weekly music lessons. Music enables children to learn new words and expand their vocabulary, giving them more words to express themselves resulting in an increase in confidence and creativity. Certain instruments, such as percussion, help children develop coordination and motor skills; they require movement of the hands, arms, and feet. There are many benefits to learning songs and rhymes. Studies have shown that when comparing the literary abilities of school age children, those who had a good understanding of rhyme from an early age, outperformed those who had little exposure to it.

Performing Arts

Every week Miss Georgina leads her Performing Arts sessions with our First Steppers. Performing Arts allows children to develop their creative and imaginative skills. It simultaneously teaches children language and communication skills, helping them to communicate effectively with others with confidence.


Ms Adamidou is our PE teacher here at Park Hill School & Nursery. She teaches the children twice a week and works on developing their balance and co-ordination, balls skills, gross motor movement in fun and engaging sessions. They practice moving their bodies in different ways, throwing, catching and kicking a ball.


Mrs Hibbert comes to the class once a week and delivers a highly engaging, fun and interactive language lesson.

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