New Year, New Babies

18th June 14

What wonderful news to learn there is another royal baby in the world, a little girl. We have also learnt of an Alumni baby born this morning so double reason to celebrate!

Educational tweets

15th January 14

The education network Last week this BBC News article cropped up on our twitter feed (@Parkhillschool1). Michael Wilshaw, the chief of Ofsted had spoken at the annual HMC conference where he told head teachers of Independent schools that they should sponsor academies rather than their current offering of “crumbs off your tables.”

A Restful Summer?

15th January 14

Often people think that schools close their doors on the last day of term, set the alarm and don’t open them again until 1st September. In any school that is not true as there are planning, curriculum, staff and child orientated meetings (to name a few). There are classrooms to set up; backing boards, creating…

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