Headmaster’s thoughts – memories.

20th June 17

It is as vivid a memory as if it happened yesterday. Despite it being very early in the morning, the October Saharan heat was starting to make its presence felt….

Headmaster’s Thoughts – being far too easily led….

13th May 17

Salah, from Yemen, saw me coming. Having spent the previous few weeks complaining each time I opened a drawer or cupboard about the number of items that had simply followed…

Headmaster’s Thoughts – Grammar Schools

19th September 16

I know what I meant. Whilst it may not stand up in a court of law as a robust defence, I did try and explain why I looked a little…

The Pirates of Park Hill

9th June 16

The pirates of Park Hill was inspired by Year 2. One girl amongst 9 boys. The concept of a Pirate Ship with a girl who stows away – looking for adventure. …

Mini-Olympics with Westbury House School

25th May 16

  On Tuesday the Years 1 & 2 children competed alongside the Westbury House children in a Mini-Olympics, held at the Hawker Centre. The children were in mixed teams of…

Grandparents Afternoon

25th May 16

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in May the Park Hill children welcomed their Grandparents to school. They took pride in giving them a tour of the classrooms and grounds followed…

Shrewsbury House Football Festival 2016

7th May 16

  On Saturday 7th May the Years 1 & 2 Football Club children participated in the Shrewsbury House Football Festival held at Shrewsbury House School in Thames Ditton. The Festival…

International Puppet Show

1st May 16

On Thursday the whole school, parents and siblings were treated to an International Puppet Show by Puppet World. There were 2 shows, one aimed at the Early Years children and…


15th April 16

The whole school celebrated Easter in the final week of term with an Easter Egg Hunt in place of After School Club on the Monday and an Easter Celebration during…

Visit to Ham House

5th April 16

In March the Year 1 children visited Ham House to learn about life during the Stuart times. They had a wonderful day dressing in clothes which they were assured were the…

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